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My name is Kevin Zelada. I am an entrepreneur and developer. I am very passionate about business communities, rock and technology. I am currently in Santiago, Chile.

I am the founder or co-founder of many initiatives and companies, for example: I am CEO of AppFactory.cl, Director and co-founder of LeanStartupChile.com, Founder at DigitalMakers and CTO of Tedoy.cl.

I like to work with interesting people, to learn and to teach. That's why I co-created ProinChile in 2015 with Ricardo Castillo. ProinChile is one of the largest technological communities in Chile.

Currently I leave ProinChile to work on a new project called "DigitalMakers", a community that seeks to bring hackers, technology enthusiasts and professionals to create real projects.

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Matías Cousiño 150, Oficina 416
Santiago Centro, Chile.

+569 88955561

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