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Web platform where you can quote accounting services in a network of more than 700 accountants in just 2 simple steps

We develop innovative software and ideas with high scalability and propagation in different markets putting a lot of emphasis on creating solutions in the cloud!

Organization that seeks to apply R + D + I to strengthen communities of people around the world. Focused on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, we develop open tools and initiatives!

My personal brand from which I originate most of my projects as an entrepreneur and technological developer. One of my goals is to convert all my hobbies into awesome projects!

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about monster

I'm 25 years old exploring this world!

My name is Kevin Zelada. I am an entrepreneur and developer. I am passionate about business communities, rock and technology. I am currently in Santiago, Chile. I like to work with interesting people, learn and teach. I'm enthusiastic about collaboration and I think it's the mechanism to create true innovation.

I am currently working on a new version of Carodical, a community laboratory dedicated to generating I + D + I, to deliver information and tools that empower the networks and communities of people in all over the world.

I am also the founder or co-founder of many initiatives and some new companies, for example:

  • CEO at
  • Cofounder of
  • Cofounder of
  • Organizer of LeanStartup Chile

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