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We develop innovative software and ideas with high scalability and propagation in different markets putting a lot of emphasis on creating solutions in the cloud!

Cofunde this community in 2015 to develop the cosystem of programmers and informatics in Chile, developing meetings, workshops, surveys and discussions that raise the national level!

My personal brand from which I originate most of my projects as an entrepreneur and technological developer. One of my goals is to convert all my hobbies into awesome projects!

Organization that seeks to apply R + D + I to strengthen communities of people around the world. Focused on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, we develop open tools and initiatives!

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about monster

I'm 25 years old exploring this world!

My name is Kevin Zelada. I am an entrepreneur and developer. I am passionate about business communities, rock and technology. I am currently in Santiago, Chile. I like to work with interesting people, learn and teach. I'm enthusiastic about collaboration and I think it's the mechanism to create true innovation.

I am currently working on a new version of Carodical, a community laboratory dedicated to generating I + D + I, to deliver information and tools that empower the networks and communities of people in all over the world.

I am also the founder or co-founder of many initiatives and some new companies, for example:

  • CEO at
  • Cofounder of
  • Cofounder of
  • Organizer of LeanStartup Chile

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